Joaquin Sorro is a self-taught artist. His work began in the streets of San Francisco where he first started with graffiti art and tagging. With maturity and time he brought those spray cans and markers to canvas, creating intense and colorfully abstract inner-city landscapes that inspire the imagination.

In the eight years since, Joaquin has incorporated heavy acrylics and poetry woven into his work as one of the voices of the urban landscape.

In 2003, during a brief visit to San Sebastian Spain, Joaquin casually visited the Paupa Gallery, where he convinced the owner that he could produce art work that would sell as successfully as the gallery resident artist. Joaquin returned two days later with a piece he created in his small hostel room. It would sell in 24 hours, bringing new clientele to the gallery and a small name for himself. After this experience the Artist understood his potential and what could come of his talent if he invested in it.

His work has been featured in London, Barcelona, San Sebastian and a handful of galleries in San Francisco.

Joaquin has worked as a teacher and youth educator for at-risk inner-city youth in San Francisco. He has a long history of activism and working for social justice causes in his community. Joaquin once said "My art comes from the same energy and love that I put into my community!"